More driving pleasure with the extraordinary "advanced belt drive"

A bike trip on detours?

The bike drive was characterized over the past 120 years by a chain and gears, rust, greasy hands and dirty pants. Significant technical accomplishments were mostly attributed to the professional sport. There were hardly even trends in the everyday realm; only in recent years have there been significant developments. About ten years ago, the market was flooded with Velos, which were the car equivalent to the SUV. Heavy, clumsy and equipped with superfluous extras that could be easily lost or broken. Single-speed models or Fixies were the next brief trend, aesthetic and low-maintenance, but lacking in equipment such as a light, package carrier or protective plate; more of a fashion accessory than a useful item. Then came E-bikes, which had a rapid development in this market segment. A real alternative even for the environmentally conscious commuter, who not only saved money, but did something for his health as well.

Individuality and quality are in demand

Today's trend is clearly headed toward individuality and quality. Higher quality bicycles that are adapted to the personal needs of the user are increasingly sought after. They are designed and built for the corresponding use. Individuality is the goal. This paves the way for innovations aside from professional sports in the areas of touring, trekking and city travel, thus forcing specific component developments. As the chain gear is dispensed with, the internal geared hubs were a significant step. Visually appealing, low maintenance and durability form the prerequisites for replacing the chain with the advantageous toothed belt.